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034: Earned V.s Perceived Confidence With Jason Khalipa

06 Jun 2022 • 61 min • EN
61 min
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You want to compete with confidence. That way when you turn up to the competition floor, you’ll back yourself. You’ll spend less time worrying about what others do. And hopefully, you’ll be able to execute your plan to your highest standard. An average plan executed with 100% confidence is better than a perfect plan executed with 50% confidence. Let’s view the goal of confidence through our RRP Method: Regulate, Rewire & Perform. A 2016 study showed that self-esteem may be associated with improved parasympathetic functioning. In other words, the more you are able to regulate your state, the more you back yourself. Without proper nervous system regulation, you are far more likely to doubt yourself, compare, and stress. Coach Rachel said to me in a conversation yesterday “all great truth is found in paradox”. When it comes to rewiring your stories, there couldn’t be a truer word spoken. Consider two opposing beliefs: “I am the best here, and I am certain to win” and “I don’t deserve to be here. I’m going to fail miserably.” Obviously both have their drawbacks, but also they have hidden benefits. The arrogant “I’m the best here” opinion may fill you with the kind of self-assuredness that helps you peak. Look at Conor McGregor in his early UFC days for an example. The “I don’t deserve to be here” mentality, may actually help you outwork many others in training. But the drawbacks of both are self-evident and extremely limiting. To perform at your best, you must be able to step outside of both of these narratives and believe only in truth. That is, what exists outside of the story you tell yourself. Only when you see the world truthfully can you perform at your best. Then from a Perform perspective, you can’t just hope to be confident. You need the strategies, tactics, and routine that reinforce confidence in your performance. A game plan without pre-lift routines, pre-competition routines, mental reset buttons, and a firm understanding of workout-specific self-talk will only undermine you. So, RRP: Regulate, Rewire, Perform. In today’s episode with CrossFit Games legend and entrepreneur, Jason Khalipa, you’re going to learn so much about confidence and how to deploy it into your life. Remember to subscribe to the show and leave a kind review, and also to follow us Mindset Rx’d on Instagram.

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