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Eli Karam & Pauline Boss 09 Dec 2022 • EN

Episode 86: Dr. Pauline Boss

Dr. Pauline Boss is a clinician, educator, and principal theorist on the concept of ambiguous loss. In this episode, Pauline talks about her research, work with grieving communities, and how we are all impacted by ambiguous loss. This experience can be defined by the way we handle major life transitions, psychological

49 min
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Eli Karam & Lori Gottlieb 23 Apr 2021 • EN

Episode 51: Lori Gottlieb

Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist and author of the NYT bestseller Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. which is currently being adapted as a television series. In addition to her clinical practice, she writes The Atlantic’s weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column. In this episode, she shares her non-traditional path to be

53 min
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Eli Karam & David Schnarch 07 Mar 2019 • EN

Episode 3: David Schnarch

David Schnarch is a world-renown sex and marital therapist. Eli sits down with David and talks about his career and influence on the field. He discusses how failures led him to come up with the crucible approach, and the revolutionary idea that sexual problems are predictable and normal. He considers the essential qual

63 min
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Eli Karam & Sue Johnson 21 Feb 2019 • EN

Episode 2: Sue Johnson, Part 2

In the second part of Eli's interview with Dr. Sue Johnson, they continue their discussion of the "person behind the model." Sue talks about the lessons learned from her first marriage and reflects on 30 years of marriage with her second husband. She shares the epiphany that led to the development of EFT, and tells a s

40 min
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Eli Karam & Sue Johnson 28 Jan 2019 • EN

Episode 1: Sue Johnson, Part 1

Sue Johnson is the creator of Emotionally Focused Couples and Family Therapy. In part one of Eli’s interview, Sue recalls how her upbringing in an English pub affected her relationships with her parents and community, and established her comfort level with interpersonal drama and emotion. Sue explains her mother and fa

38 min
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