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Juliet Starrett + Kelly Starrett & Sean Pastuch 15 Jun 2023 • EN

Sean Pastuch: Humanizing Healthcare by Professionalizing the Fitness Industry

Dr. Sean Pastuch is a dedicated husband, father, and leader. He is the Founder and CEO of Active Life, a company that guides its clients to a life well-lived, through the attainment of empowered thought, physical freedom, and emotional wellbeing. When he’s not working to improve the lives of his clients, Dr. Sean spend

87 min
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Dr. Sean Pastuch is the guest on today's episode. Sean is a doctor, coach, educator, author, and the founder and owner of Active Life, which aims to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare. In today's episode, Jason and Sean talk about: Active Life What Movements Sean Sees the Biggest Issues With Bridging the Gap

78 min
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David Tao & Sean Pastuch 13 Jul 2019 • EN

Building a Fitness Brand with Sean Pastuch

Active Life Rx Founder Sean Pastuch joins David to discuss what it takes to build a brand in the fitness space. Is working with Instagram influencers good or bad for growing companies? And what"s going on behind the scenes of athletes on social media?

34 min
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