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Brian McCullough & Guy Kawasaki 09 Mar 2024 • EN

(Bonus) Guy Kawasaki On His New Book And Learning From Steve Jobs

Guy Kawasaki shares key insights on how to have a successful career, found in his new book: Think Remarkable. Also, some fun Apple and Steve Jobs story, such as: what kind of a***ole boss WAS Steve Jobs, exactly. The kind you want, Guy says. Buy the book: Think Remarkable See Privacy Policy at

24 min
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Brian McCullough & Chris Dixon 03 Feb 2024 • EN

(Bonus) a16z's Chris Dixon On His New Book And Web3

Our friend Chris Dixon is back to talk about his new book: Read Write Own! How Web3 and the blockchain can save the web as we know it! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

32 min
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Brian McCullough is the host of Techmeme Ride Home and general partner of the Ride Home Fund. He joins Big Technology Podcast for a deep dive into the week's news and a fresh announcement from Big Technology. We cover: 1) Big Technology Premium 2) The state of Big Tech at the end of a year-end that started with layoffs

56 min
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Brian McCullough & Kevin Scott 10 Jun 2023 • EN

(IHP) Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott is the current Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft. We talk about his entire career, how being an academic seemed to be his path before he transformed the ads system at Google. Then he revolutionized the entire advertising industry at AdMob; is credited by some people by saving LinkedIn from technical rot

82 min
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Brian McCullough & David Auerbach 08 Apr 2023 • EN

(BNS EP) Anyone In Control Of Big Tech? W/ David Auerbach

Check out David Auerbach's books:Meganets: How Digital Forces Beyond Our Control Commandeer Our Daily Lives and Inner RealitiesBitwise: A Life in Code See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

62 min
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Brian McCullough & Noah Smith 13 Aug 2022 • EN

(TWTR SPC) Are We In A Recession @noahpinion ?

We speak today with Bloomberg Economics columnist Noah Smith. Are we in a recession? Are we in store for an actual shooting war with China? Is bitcoin due for one more big pump? Come for all of that, and stick around for Chris and I to hit some stories that fell through the cracks this week, like Google’s ad campaign a

91 min
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