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Erik Torenberg & Ben Gilbert 07 Sep 2023 • EN

E14: Ben Gilbert of Acquired on Improving the Craft of Podcasting

Erik sits down with Ben Gilbert, co-host and co-founder of Acquired, a podcast with 300,000+ subscribers that has been ranked the #1 Technology show on Apple Podcasts. is a presenting sponsor of Media Empires. Go to + use code MEDIAEMPIRES for 20% off individual p

40 min
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David Rosenthal + Ben Gilbert & Doug DeMuro 27 Jun 2023 • EN

Porsche (with Doug DeMuro)

Nobody’s perfect — including Porsche. Despite that phrase appearing in their famous 1983 magazine advertisement, they managed to get damn-close to the perfect luxury business (even Bernard Arnault would be jealous!). Porsche is both quality AND quantity, owning the most prestigious brand in its market, while at the sam

201 min
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Ben Gilbert + David Rosenthal & David Senra 29 Mar 2023 • EN

Sessions: David Senra (Founders Podcast)

ACQ Sessions returns with David Senra of the Founders Podcast. David is one of our very favorite people in the world — it’s impossible to spend an hour (or 3!) with him and not come away inspired to go take over the world. This conversation is an “extended, IRL version” of monthly calls that we do together where we sha

198 min
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David Rosenthal + Ben Gilbert & Katherine Boyle 06 Jun 2022 • EN

American Dynamism (with Katherine Boyle)

We sit down with a16z General Partner Katherine Boyle to discuss investing in “American Dynamism”, why it’s so important and why now is the right time to pursue it. Katherine has a fascinating background, beginning her career as a reporter at The Washington Post before entering the VC world first at Founders Fund, then

77 min
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Ben Gilbert + David Rosenthal & Jim Weber 16 May 2022 • EN

Arena Show Part II: Brooks Running (with CEO Jim Weber)

For the final act of the Arena Show, we’re joined by Brooks CEO Jim Weber to tell the amazing story of how he transformed the company from a 3rd tier, deeply cashflow negative “also-ran” into one of the world’s premiere fitness brands and a crown jewel of the Berkshire Hathaway empire — with compounding revenue and cas

70 min
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David Rosenthal + Ben Gilbert & Brad Gerstner 15 Mar 2022 • EN

Altimeter (with Brad Gerstner)

We hear a lot these days about hedge funds becoming venture firms, and venture firms becoming hedge funds. But a decade before either of those approaches became mainstream, a tiny $3m fund in Boston named Altimeter Capital set out simply to invest in a concentrated portfolio of America’s very best technology companies,

112 min
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