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Russ Roberts & Noah Smith 15 Jan 2024 • EN

Can a Nation Plunder Its Way to Wealth (with Noah Smith)

Did nations get rich on the backs of other nations? Did the West get rich from imperialism? Noah Smith says no. But why not? If you can steal stuff, isn't that better than having to make it yourself? Listen as Noah Smith and EconTalk's Russ Roberts discuss the impact of imperialism and industrialization on growth and w

69 min
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Jordan Schneider & Noah Smith 22 Sep 2023 • EN

Peak China with Noah Smith and Matt Klein

Noah Smith of and Matt Klein of join ChinaTalk to discuss: We get into: What's really happening with China's economy and why it matters strategically How China's potential peak parallels Japan's Why the world should and shouldn't be scared of China's progress in sem

69 min
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Brian Chau & Noah Smith 17 Jul 2023 • EN

Noah Smith: We Can Build Again

Noah Smith is an economist, former Bloomberg columnist and the writer of the Noahpinion newsletter. Find Noah: Mentioned in the episode: h

173 min
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Jeremiah Johnson & Noah Smith 10 Feb 2023 • EN

Competition with China and Friend-shoring in East Asia ft. Noah Smith

Noah Smith joins the podcast for a whirlwind discussion of all things East Asia.  Why did Japan industrialize faster than its neighbors? Why was China so slow to do so? How are current trade tensions affecting China, and what are they doing about it? Should the US do more 'friend-shoring' with allies like Japan, South

63 min
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David Beckworth & Noah Smith 07 Dec 2022 • EN

BONUS: Noah Smith on the State of Macroeconomics

Noah Smith is a former columnist for Bloomberg and is now a popular writer at his own Noahpinion Substack. In this bonus segment from the previous conversation, Noah rejoins the podcast to talk about the nuts and bolts of macroeconomic modeling. Specifically, David and Noah discuss why macroeconomics is still in its in

30 min
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Ryan Sean Adams & Noah Smith 17 Oct 2022 • EN

140 - The Future is Fiat | Noah Smith (Noahpinion)

✨ DEBRIEF | Unpacking the Episode:  ----- Noah Smith is a writer economist, with fiercely independent takes that he articulates with precision and clarity. We see him as a knowledgable crypto outsider, which is a rare trait we've seen throughout the posts on his blog, Noahpin

98 min
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