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In this episode of Press This, we talk with Chris Messina, the inventor of the hashtag and an author of ActivityStreams and Oauth. We talk about the evolution of WordPress, decentralizing the web, open-web standards, and how SEO might change over the years. This is a really fun conversation with someone who has helped

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Brian McCullough + Chris Messina & Michael Mignano 02 Jul 2022 • EN

(TWTR SPC) Aprés Spotify w/ Anchor Founder @mignano

Time for some deep analysis of the podcast industry. Is Spotify gonna take over all of audio? Is the blockchain useful for podcasting? What is the great Michael Mignano doing next, after leaving Spotify and Anchor? See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

87 min
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Guy Kawasaki & Chris Messina 29 Sep 2021 • EN

Chris Messina: Tech Pioneer and Inventor of the Hashtag

Tech and innovation lovers - this one's for you! Listen in as Guy Kawasaki interviews Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag and star of The Social Dilemma, about being the number one Hunter on Product Hunt and how he feels about open source technology. So many interesting nuggets!

74 min
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Brian McCullough & Chris Messina 21 Nov 2020 • EN

(Bonus) Office Hours With Chris Messina

A deep-dive conversation with hashtag inventor Chris Messina about what makes good product design, how to Product Hunt effectively, and his unique advice about finding success in the Tech Industry. Watch this episode on YouTube here:

80 min
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Matt Navarra + Martin SFP Bryant & Chris Messina 10 Oct 2019 • EN

6. Hashtag inventor (and much more) Chris Messina

Chris Messina is the inventor of the hashtag, but he’s been asked about that far too many times for us to bring it up much here. Good thing that he’s a deep thinker about products, platforms, and social engagement, and has lots to say about topics we love on this podcast. Chris joins Matt Navarra and Martin SFP Bryant

92 min
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