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Ginger Campbell & David Badre 24 Nov 2021 • EN

How our Brain gets things done with David Badre

This month's episode of Brain Science features David Badre, author of "On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done." He gives us an overview of recent research in the field of cognitive control, which has has actually overturned some popular assumptions about things like willpower. Our focus is on the practical implication

56 min
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Jonathan McCrea & David Badre 20 Jul 2021 • EN

Futureproof Extra: How Does Our Brain Get Things Done?

Every minute of every day we are forced to make split-second decisions in order to navigate the worlds we have cultivated for ourselves. The most amazing thing is that all of these actions come as second nature - we don’t even realise we’re actually engaged in a highly sophisticated dance of thought and action. But how

15 min
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Amy Barrett & David Badre 18 Jan 2021 • EN

Why you can’t multitask (and why that’s a good thing)

Humans' ability to turn thoughts into actions has enabled us to change the world. But we've never been great at getting two things done at once. Understanding how our brain helps us achieve our goals through something called executive function, or cognitive control, can explain why we're so bad at multitasking. Accordi

48 min
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