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Jonathan McCrea & Ed Yong + Ruth Freeman + Shane Bergin 24 Jul 2022 • EN

The Hidden Depths of Animal Perception

For us humans, our overall sensory capabilities - the scope of our sense of smell, our sight, our hearing, and touch - feels all-encompassing, like there’s nothing more that we could possibly conceive of that would change how we experience the world around us. But that’s dead wrong. And this is an illusion that we shar

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Jonathan McCrea & Shane Bergin + Karen Miga + Lara Dungan 24 Apr 2022 • EN

Sequencing the Complete Human Genome

Since the first draft of a human genome sequence was completed in 2000, genomics research has led to huge strides in the understanding of our biology, but it wasn't complete. Well, in 2019, an international team of scientists set out to rectify that - earlier this month unveiling the first-ever gap-free sequence of a h

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Jonathan McCrea & Henry Mahncke + Shane Bergin + Ruth Freeman 25 Sep 2021 • EN

Brain HQ - Helping People Living with mTBIs

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries impact the lives of thousands of people every year with rehabilitation lasting anything between a few days to a number of months - or even years. And despite the growing awareness of the damage mTBIs can have on a person’s life - new and effective therapies are still being developed. But c

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Jonathan McCrea & Chris Impey + Susan Kelleher + Shane Bergin 31 Jul 2021 • EN

Are UFOs Actually Alien Spacecraft?

Last month there was quite a stir concerning a US intelligence report based on 144 UFO sightings by US military personnel. At just nine pages in length, it was a fairly scant report, but it did make for some interesting reading nonetheless. Chris Impey, Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Astronomy at the Un

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Jonathan McCrea & Nicholas Brereton + Shane Bergin + Ruth Freeman 17 Jul 2021 • EN

The Mars500 Simulation

If humans ever do manage to get to Mars, an untold number of problems will have had to have been solved to do it. From propulsion, life support, radiation and just actually landing there - there’s a lot to take care of. But what kind of effect might this kind of journey have on the human body itself? What kind of chang

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Jonathan McCrea & Susan Kelleher + Shane Bergin + Skylar Tibbits 19 Jun 2021 • EN

Self Assembling Structures

On this week's Futureproof with Jonathan McCrea he looks at Self Assembling Structures with Skylar Tibbits the Co-Director and Founder of the Self-Assembly Lab housed at MIT's International Design Centre. Also on the show, Jonathan is joined by Dr Shane Bergin of UCD and Dr Susan Kelleher of DCU, to look at the science

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