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HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! (I mean, BOO!) This week on The Cosmic Companion, for our Halloween Special, we’ll be looking at The Top 10 Ways Space is Trying to Kill You! Later in the show, we’ll be talking with astrophysicist and science educator Ethan Siegel, host of Starts with a Bang! This is a public episode. If you’

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Jonathan McCrea & Shane Bergin + Ruth Freeman + Ethan Siegel 19 Dec 2020 • EN

The Speed Of Gravity

This week on 'Futureproof The Podcast' Jonathan McCrea asks "What is the speed of gravity?". To answer that question will be Ethan Siegel - Astrophysicist and Science Writer. Also joining the show to look at the main news stories from the science world is Dr Ruth Freeman from Science Foundation Ireland and Dr Shane Ber

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Returning guest and theoretical astrophysicist Ethan Siegel joins the podcast for an eye-opening and incredibly informative discussion that will lead you to question one of the most fundamental aspects of existence: how the universe began. Scientists and laypersons alike almost always point to the Big Bang theory, whic

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Star Trek captured the imagination of physicist Ethan Siegel, through the show's depiction of how science and technology were used to not only benefit all of humanity, but available for all–a vision that he likes, and hopes becomes a reality in our world. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the original Star Tre

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Richard Jacobs & Ethan Siegel 10 Jun 2017 • EN

Ethan Siegel On technology’s Future, inspired by Star Trek’s vision

A lot of the technologies that we use today were first imagined in Star Trek: cell phones, flash drives, tablets, sliding doors, voice-command for computers. It may seem odd now that these technologies are so ubiquitous, but in fact they once existed only in science fiction. What’s next? Warp drives? Transporters? Etha

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