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Jonathan McCrea & Susan Kelleher + Lara Dungan 07 May 2023 • EN

Lab-Grown Blood

In this episode of Futureproof, Dr Susan Kelleher and Dr Lara Dungan join Jonathan McCrea for Newsround, and he explores the future of lab-grown blood with Dr Rebecca Cardigan, National Head of Component Development from NHS Blood & Transplant.

33 min
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Jonathan McCrea & Shane Bergin + Karen Miga + Lara Dungan 24 Apr 2022 • EN

Sequencing the Complete Human Genome

Since the first draft of a human genome sequence was completed in 2000, genomics research has led to huge strides in the understanding of our biology, but it wasn't complete. Well, in 2019, an international team of scientists set out to rectify that - earlier this month unveiling the first-ever gap-free sequence of a h

31 min
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Jonathan McCrea & Holley Moyes + Shane Bergin + Lara Dungan 31 Jan 2021 • EN

Human Sacrifice in Ancient Maya Culture

Ancient American civilisations have been a source of fascination and admiration for generations. This is no less true of the Maya who boasted some of the most sophisticated cultures of the pre-Columbian Americas with their art, architecture, mathematics, and astronomy. On the other hand, like many early civilisations t

46 min
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Jonathan McCrea & Shane Bergin + Samantha Yammine + Lara Dungan 23 Jan 2021 • EN

Why Has Science Communication Failed During The Pandemic?

WHY HAS SCIENCE COMMUNICATION FAILED DURING THE PANDEMIC?   On this week's Futureproof podcast with Jonathan McCrea, he talks to Dr. Samantha Yammine - Neuroscientist, Science Communicator, and Digital Media Producer - asking if the communication of science during the pandemic has been successful?  Also on the show Jon

48 min
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