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Jonathan McCrea & Mark Humphries + Jessamyn Fairfield + Fergus McAuliffe 12 Jul 2021 • EN

What Happens When Our Neurons Fire?

On this week's Futureproof with Jonathan McCrea asks what happens when our neurons fire? He'll be talking to Professor Mark Humphries - Chair in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham and author of ‘The Spike: An Epic Journey Through the Brain in 2.1 Seconds’ Also on the show, Jonathan is joined by

42 min
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Jonathan McCrea & Susan R. Barry + Jessamyn Fairfield + Fergus McAuliffe 26 Jun 2021 • EN

Coming To Our Senses

On this week's Futureproof with Jonathan McCrea he asks how hard is it to learn to perceive the world if you were only able to see or hear as an adult and not since birth? Jonathan speaks to Susan R. Barry - Professor Emeritus of Biology and Neuroscience at Mount Holyoke College and author of Coming to Our Senses: A Bo

48 min
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Jonathan McCrea & Shanna Swan + Shane Bergin + Jessamyn Fairfield 13 Apr 2021 • EN

Countdown: The Human Race's Troubling Decline in Fertility

COUNTDOWN: THE HUMAN RACE’S TROUBLING DECLINE IN FERTILITY- On this week's Futureproof podcast with Jonathan McCrea, he meets Dr Shanna H. Swan, Ph.D.Professor of Environmental Medicine and Public Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City & author of ‘Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Thr

40 min
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