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Kim Thompson Pinder & Scott Murray 24 Nov 2023 • EN

Ep 443 - Understanding The New Marketing With Scott Murray

Scott Murray is a seasoned podcaster and content creator with a strong background in the evolution of personal branding and consumer-centric marketing strategies. His perspective on the topic is shaped by his experiences transitioning from marketing for businesses to marketing himself, emphasizing the importance of fin

36 min
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Scott Murray & Mary Kathryn Johnson 03 Apr 2023 • EN

Humanized Chatbots and Messaging with Mary Kathryn Johnson

As consumers demand humanized communication and respond negatively when automation and new technologies (like AI) don't deliver, how can businesses potentially leverage automation and chatbots to connect with consumers in humanized ways? Mary Kathryn Johnson (CEO of Messenger Funnels) is here to explain how to balance

57 min
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Scott Murray & Mark Schaefer 09 Jan 2023 • EN

Belonging to the Brand with Mark Schaefer

We're now into year three of the 2020s, and there are more indications that marketing departments need to make meaningful and impactful connections with consumers. McKinsey says that community-focused marketing is the "big idea" for the 2020s, and it's a concept that Mark Schafer has been discussing for years. Now, wit

41 min
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Scott Murray & Brooke Sellas 13 Sep 2022 • EN

Social Media That Connects With Brooke B. Sellas

Brooke B. Sellas is the founder of B Squared Media and author of the new book Conversations That Connect. Today, she'll share ways to make real connections with audiences on social media. If you've wondered how to start evolving your communications to create more human connections, you'll want to join us for this conve

55 min
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Scott Murray & Mark Schaefer 02 Aug 2022 • EN

Message Points: In the Dark About Social Media

Today's show opens with someone announcing ten things she will no longer do as a marketer. Then, we get some insights about "tracking" dark social and generating sales on (non-dark) social media. Finally, you'll find out how you can get personal brand insights from "Known" author Mark Schaefer.

15 min
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Scott Murray & Park Howell 13 Jun 2022 • EN

Storytelling Strategies with Park Howell

Storytelling continues to be a powerful and effective tool that allows brands to make meaningful connections with their audience. However, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out how to make it work for your company and consumer. Park Howell is known as the World's Most Industrious Storyteller, and he's here to p

62 min
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