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Jason Jacobs & Tessa Clarke 23 Dec 2021 • EN

Startup Series: OLIO

Today's guest is Tessa Clarke, Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO. OLIO is a free app that exists to tackle the enormous problem of waste in our homes & local communities. OLIO works to connect neighbors so that surplus food and other household items can be given away, not thrown away. So that everyday things can be lent & borro

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Danny will be back later this week with more tales from the valley. But first, here's a special extra episode from the team behind "Secrets of the Side Hustle" Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis. Could sharing be the solution? Tessa Clarke, co-founder of the OLIO app thinks so. She sat

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Richard Lucas + Kimon Fountoukidis & Tessa Clarke 16 Mar 2021 • EN

Tessa Clarke: Co Founder & CEO of Olio, a Company Dedicated to Cutting Food Waste

Tessa explains why Olio’s mission of cutting unnecessary food waste is so important, and how her own distress at food waste led to the breakthrough insight that there had to be a better way of dealing with unwanted food. She shares her personal journey, and sets out the exciting road map ahead for Olio. Tessa Clarke is

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Steven Haggerty & Tessa Clarke 09 Dec 2020 • EN

#218 - Tessa Clarke - Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO - Share More, Waste Less

Tessa Clarke is Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO • Share More, Waste Less, a free app tackling the problem of food waste by connecting neighbours with each other, and volunteers with local businesses, so that surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. Since launching 4 years ago, 2.5 million people have joined OLIO and toget

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Elsbeth Callaghan & Tessa Clarke 26 Jul 2020 • EN

092 • Food Security + Olio

DID YOU KNOW of all the edible food wasted in the world, ONE QUARTER of that food waste is all it would take to feed the billions of people suffering from food insecurity and poverty in the world. AND you can make a difference. Today I speak with Tessa Clarke, co-founder of Olio, the world’s first neighbour to neighbou

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