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There’s a concept in network theory called Preferential Attachment. When one node gets ahead, it attracts more resources, and more attention. It's a snowball effect. PR for your company works the same way. Once you become the biggest node, more resources flow to you. Today, NFX General Partner James Currier sits down w

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Alex Gove + Connie Loizo & James Currier 29 Oct 2022 • EN

VC James Currier Explains Why Generative AI Is So Buzzworthy

Connie & Alex talk about some of their favorite tech stories this week and then chat with James Currier, founding partner of NFX, a venture firm exclusively focused on pre-seed & seed stage startups, about Generative AI, the hottest thing to hit venture since Web3. Music:  1. "Inspired" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incomp

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The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on two guests, Hany Farid of UC Berkeley’s School of Information, and James Currier, general partner at NFX, to talk about Twitter and social media. Farid is up first to talk about free speech (4:50), the ideal of the Internet (10:00), the content moderation cha

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Azeem Azhar & James Currier 06 Oct 2021 • EN

How Network Effects Rule the World (with James Currier)

Google, Facebook, Apple, and Uber are just some of the enormous companies that derive part of their value from network effects: The more users they have, the more value they provide. Network effects aren’t new. The basic principles that underpinned faxes and phone lines also underpin social media. But rapid technologic

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James Currier & Azeem Azhar 14 Sep 2021 • EN

A Founder’s Exponential Toolset with Azeem Azhar & James Currier

In this episode, Azeem Azhar and James Currier discuss exponential growth in technology, the Internet's role in accelerating advancements, and the societal implications. They also delve into the concept of regulatory innovation, the impact of fast-paced tech development, health data sharing, and the integration of cryp

45 min
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James Currier & Li Jin 18 May 2021 • EN

Li Jin on The Passion Economy & Its Hidden Currency

In this episode, James Currier and guest Li Jin delve into the passion economy, discussing its social implications and the role of self-promotion. They explore the involvement of Gen Z, investment dynamics, and examine case studies such as Mirror and Maven. The conversation also touches on the evolution of digital tran

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