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Elsbeth Callaghan & Kamea Chayne 11 Oct 2020 • EN

099 • Re-Indigenize + Regenerate Agriculture

Why it’s important and why it’s not a new concept to live in sync with nature rather than at odds with it. today I chat with Kamea Chayne, host of Green Dreamer Podcast, and she goes deep into intersectional environmentalism and reindigenizing the landscape to offer place based solutions to climate change, rather than

37 min
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Elsbeth Callaghan & Tessa Clarke 26 Jul 2020 • EN

092 • Food Security + Olio

DID YOU KNOW of all the edible food wasted in the world, ONE QUARTER of that food waste is all it would take to feed the billions of people suffering from food insecurity and poverty in the world. AND you can make a difference. Today I speak with Tessa Clarke, co-founder of Olio, the world’s first neighbour to neighbou

47 min
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Elsbeth Callaghan & Max La Manna 15 Mar 2020 • EN

073 • More Plants, Less Waste

Head to your kitchen, crank up the music, and get ready to cook amazing vegan meals while creating zero waste! Be that the packaging food comes in, or the food that goes unused in our cupboards and fridges, today's interview with the Zero Waste Vegan Chef, Max La Manna, will inspire you to rethink leftovers, tell your

33 min
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Elsbeth Callaghan & Cathy Nesbitt 31 Mar 2019 • EN

024 • Worm Composting

Indoor composting is perfect when you don't have access to municipal green waste pick up, and the way to do it indoors is with those wriggly and delightful little creatures called earthworms. Compost is the missing link in today's waste management crisis but everyone, EVERYONE could do their part by removing food scrap

49 min
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