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Kimon Fountoukidis + Richard Lucas & David Spinks 24 May 2021 • EN

David Spinks: Founder of CMX, the community of community builders

In this episode David describes his childhood contact with entrepreneurship, and how he was looking for and found community and acceptance in the video game world. We learn how he discovered and almost invented the profession of “community manager” and created the CMX community of community managers. We also hear about

57 min
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Kimon Fountoukidis + Richard Lucas & Vasco Pedro 10 May 2021 • EN

Vasco Pedro: CEO and Entrepreneur

Vasco Pedro talks about growing up in Portugal, the lessons learned in military boarding school from the age of 10, his love of coding and building things, and how he was always pushing himself to do better and why team surfing trips, and mock battles are part of the Unbabel culture. We hear him being open about his mi

91 min
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Kimon Fountoukidis + Richard Lucas & Szymon Słupik 26 Apr 2021 • EN

Szymon Słupik: Entrepreneur and Bluetooth Mesh Evangelist

Szymon Słupik regards himself as lucky. He tells us how he made enough money by the time he was 35 that he would never have to work again. We learn how growing up in communist Poland taught him to be enterprising, at ease with taking risks, and being open to opportunities, which he took time after time. He believes tha

83 min
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Kimon Fountoukidis + Richard Lucas & Renato Beninatto 19 Apr 2021 • EN

Renato Beninatto: Translation Industry Veteran, Entrepreneur, Consultant

Renato describes his accidental journey into entrepreneurship, the many mistakes and near disasters on his road to business success. We learn about the importance of being the guy who says “Yes”, and then figuring out how to to get things done. Anyone listening can learn from his journey, the importance of finding oppo

79 min
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Kimon Fountoukidis + Richard Lucas & Mungo Keulemans 12 Apr 2021 • EN

Mungo Keulemans: CEO and Entrepreneur

Mungo Keulemans talks about growing up in South Africa, working in the family business, his army experiences, his move to Europe, Japan and back to Europe. We hear about his entrepreneurial journey in the family business in Poland, and after its sale to one of the world’s leading companies, his time in the larger corpo

93 min
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Kimon Fountoukidis + Richard Lucas & Florian Faes 05 Apr 2021 • EN

Florian Faes: Entrepreneur and Managing Director

In this episode Florian Feas describes his route into setting up Slator: to solve problems he became aware of, as a result of working in the translation industry in senior positions. He outlines the importance of having a co-founder with complementary skills and how SaaS business tools enabled him to scale his business

72 min
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