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Tanner Scott & Eric Melchor 25 Jul 2023 • EN

137 - How To Increase Average Order Value With Eric Melchor

This week on the show, Eric Melchor from OptiMonk joins me to talk about some strategies that you can take to increase the average order value of your store. Boosting AOV is one of the best ways to increase store revenue and profit in a time where customer acquisition costs are through the roof.

38 min
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Tanner Scott & Jeff Greenfield 09 May 2023 • EN

127 - Adjusting To The Collapse Of Cookies With Jeff Greenfield

This week on the show, Jeff Greenfield, CEO of Provalytics joins me to talk about the cookie collapse and what we as marketers can do about it. Hopefully it isn’t news to you that 3rd party cookies will be obsolete within the next year or two, but now is the time to start preparing. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable on t

36 min
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Tanner Scott & Johnathan Price 11 Apr 2023 • EN

123 - How To Grow Your E-Commerce Brand Using YouTube with Johnathan Price

This week on the show, Johnathan Price, owner of Down4SoundShop, joins me to tell us how he has grown his e-commerce brand using YouTube. Johnathan shared some tips that you can use to use YouTube as a channel for your brand and I really enjoyed the conversation. Also, I would love your feedback! Do you like it when I

37 min
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This week on the show, Yong-Soo Chung, founder of Urban EDC, joins me to talk about how leveraging community can help you grow your online store sales. Yong-Soo and I talk about leveraging existing communities, building your own community, and ultimately just some tips to help guide you. Community is a really powerful

28 min
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Tanner Scott & Jodi Daniels 13 Dec 2022 • EN

108 - How To Avoid Privacy Violations With Jodi Daniels

This week on the show, Jodi Daniels CEO of Red Clover Advisors joins me to talk about data privacy and how your online store can avoid a privacy violation. Jodi is a privacy expert and it’s easier than you might think to stay within compliance and caring about your customers’ privacy can actually be a huge marketing as

31 min
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Tanner Scott & Chris Mercer 30 Aug 2022 • EN

093 - Turn Basic Data into Insight and Outcomes With Chris Mercer

This week on the show, Chris Mercer from Measurement Marketing joins me to discuss how important making data driven decisions are to scaling your online store. There is so much value in everything that we talk about and I just love Chris’s energy. You can count on learning so many new things in this episode to improve

42 min
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