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    Eric Zimmer & Caroline Williams 13 May 2022 • EN

    Caroline Williams on The Science of Movement

    Caroline Williams is a science journalist and editor. She’s a consultant for and a regular contributor to New Scientist. Her new work has also appeared in The Guardian, the Boston Globe, BBC Future, and BBC Earth among others. In this episode, Eric and Caroline discuss her book, Move: How the New Science of Body Moveme

    64 min
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    Lisa Cypers Kamen & Caroline Williams + Jennifer Heisz 21 Apr 2022 • EN

    Exercise the Wonder Drug: Move the Body, Heal The Brain with Dr. Jennifer Heisz & Caroline Williams

    Plenty of information exists about how exercise can boost our immune system and add years to our lives. Emerging research shows that physical movement can also ward off dementia, increase creativity, and help us manage stress. To work out how movement and exercise may be the wonder drug to heal our brains and reduce th

    58 min
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    Jan Black + Laura Owens & Caroline Williams 31 Jan 2022 • EN

    Caroline Williams: to keep moving and free your mind with an active lifestyle

    We spend around 70% of our lives sitting or lying completely still! A sedentary lifestyle is not only bad for your body, it can also result in anxiety, depression and a lower overall IQ. Our guest on this episode is science journalist Caroline Williams, who says simple movement has the power to improve every aspect of

    35 min
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    Mike Carruthers & Caroline Williams + Neil Richards 03 Jan 2022 • EN

    How Movement Affects Your Thoughts and Feelings & Understanding Your Right to Privacy

    Ever catch a glimpse of your computer screen in just the right light and see just how dusty and filthy it has become? So how do you clean it? Before you reach for window cleaner and a paper towel, listen to the beginning of this episode for the right way to clean off a monitor without causing damage.

    52 min
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