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Jamie Rodriguez & Rachael O’Brien 24 Dec 2020 • EN

Comedian/Actress/Podcast Host: Rachael O'Brien

A present for the holidays! A fan favorite and friend of the show Rachael O'Brien returns for the first time since May 2020! Join us as the hilarious and charming Rachael updates us on her latest endeavors, including the story and background of 'Seven Deadly Sinners' - her #1 True crime podcast that took off in 2020, w

21 min
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Jenifer Golden + Lauren Leonelli + Rob Evors & Rachael O’Brien 19 Nov 2020 • EN

The Sin of Wasting Time, with Rachael O’Brien

This year has felt like time is flying at either a snail’s pace or disappears before our eyes. Time is currency, because we truly don’t know how much time we will be fortunate enough to have, so like the old adage, time is money, we don’t want to waste anyone’s and we certainly don’t want anyone to waste ours either. T

42 min
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Rachael O’Brien steps Behind The Velvet Rope. Rachael & David discuss everything and anything as if they are fast and old friends. Actually they did meet when David flew to Detroit to see Kristen Doute’s live Podcast tour a few months back. A full review is provided. Rachael explains how she met Kristen, how they went

74 min
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Jamie Rodriguez & Rachael O’Brien 07 Jun 2020 • EN

Comedian/Actress/Podcast Host Rachael O'Brien

Jaime welcomes stand up comedian, actress, and host of the hit comedy podcast "Be Here for a While" Rachael O'Brien. From her beginnings in Oregon to performing international world tours, join us as Rachael takes us through every hilarious and inspiring step of the way. For more information, be sure to check out http:/

24 min
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Amanda Hirsch & Rachael O’Brien 24 Sep 2019 • EN

Standup & VPR w/ Rachael O’Brien

You may have seen Rachael O’Brien on Vanderpump Rules as Kristen’s bff, or Jax’s Ex, but Rachael is also a comedian, actress and podcast host. Amanda talks to her about whether or not she regrets not taking a lead on VPR, why she walks around LA with mace, how she got roped in to the Botox epidemic but doesn’t even rea

55 min
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Jenifer Golden + Lauren Leonelli + Rob Evors & Rachael O’Brien 12 Sep 2019 • EN

In A Relationship, with Rachael O’Brien

Stand up comedian and podcast host Rachael O’Brien joins us AGAIN to discuss getting out of the friend zone and why someone who knows all of your idiosyncrasies could be a good candidate, how to make your annoying questions cute, when to pay attention to someone’s crush on you, why feeling calm in a relationship should

50 min
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