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Gianmarco Soresi & Phoebe Robinson 26 Sep 2023 • EN

Bad Juju with Phoebe Robinson

Comedian, writer, producer, podcaster extraordinaire Phoebe Robinson (Everything’s Trash, 2 Dope Queens) joins us along with guest co-host Jay Jurden to share the downsides of college roommates, workout classes that are too loud, being a multi-hyphenate where you write and star in your own show, and celebrity authors w

92 min
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Liz Bohannon & Phoebe Robinson 03 Aug 2023 • EN

A New Season with Phoebe Robinson: Redefining Success in Hollywood

Hey Pluckies! Welcome back to a new season on this journey with me. I'm so excited to share these new conversations filled with insights and wisdom from some of the most influential and inspirational guests. As always, we’ll see trailblazers being vulnerable and open - sharing their pluck-ups! Today, I'm joined by Phoe

70 min
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Jonah Bayer + Vanessa Bayer & Phoebe Robinson 12 Dec 2022 • EN

Remember Sketchers? (with Phoebe Robinson)

We could not be more psyched to be joined this week by New York Times bestselling author, podcast legend and Vanessa's "Ibiza" co-star, Phoebe Robinson! On this incredible episode we talk about how the three of us all grew up in the same suburbs of Ohio and our favorite hang-outs, reminisce about our favorite shops to

55 min
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Kulap Vilaysack + SuChin Pak & Phoebe Robinson 20 Sep 2022 • EN

Add it Again: Let's Go Cartin' with Phoebe Robinson

Just when we thought Ku and Su were the queens of adding to cart, in walks writer, producer, actor, and comedian Phoebe Robinson. She introduces a whole new term, “cartin,” teaches Ku and Su that you can actually max out a shopping cart online, and then brings it back to earth with her three picks for the show. Plus, S

41 min
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Simon Sinek & Phoebe Robinson 01 Feb 2022 • EN

Giving A Sh*t with Phoebe Robinson

Short packets of content. That’s the world we live in. We've condensed and compressed so much of what we consume that our entertainment and our news seem to have lost any nuance or complexity. And that’s a problem, because our world and our lives are nuanced and complex. Phoebe Robinson is a comedian, bestselling autho

29 min
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Chelsea Handler & Phoebe Robinson 09 Dec 2021 • EN

Two-Day Pity Parties with Phoebe Robinson

Chelsea is joined in the studio this week by comic and author Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens, Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes) to discuss why your co-workers are not your family, what kind of sex to have on a first date, and how she created alone time when suddenly stuck in an NYC apartment with her boyfrie

65 min
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