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Chelsea Handler 22 Mar 2024 • EN

The Little Big Bitch: Chelsea Handler

Jann Arden interviews comedian, television host, podcaster and New York Times best-selling author Chelsea Handler! They discuss various topics including turning 50, embracing happiness, dealing with hecklers, the influence of childhood and family, handling public opinion, the power of laughter, and monetizing authentic

46 min
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Chelsea Handler & Gretchen Rubin 21 Mar 2024 • EN

Choose the Bigger Life with Gretchen Rubin

Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin joins Chelsea to talk about the impact of both novelty and repetition on the human brain, what she learned by visiting the Met on a daily basis, and how using your five senses can help improve mindfulness… and your life. Then: An ex-mormon flirts with psychedelics. A teacher considers tr

60 min
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Chelsea Handler & Hannah Berner 30 Nov 2023 • EN

Living in Separate Houses with Hannah Berner

Comedian Hannah Berner joins Chelsea to talk about beating old men at tennis, living next door to your spouse, and not having a driver’s license.  Then: An instance of Grindr-gone-wrong has one Southerner ready to spill the beans.  A Floridian tries to date, but comes up empty-handed.  And Chelsea decides that it’s fin

62 min
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Chelsea Handler & Tony Hawk 23 Nov 2023 • EN

Links to Your Kinks with Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk joins Chelsea this week to chat about recovering physically - and mentally - from a serious injury, the importance of seeing a need and fulfilling it, and the age-old problem of smelly teenagers.  Then: A son discovers his dad’s quirky kinks by way of an innocent TikTok video. A ski accident has a divorcee sc

Chelsea Handler & Billy Eichner 10 Aug 2023 • EN

Fueled by Anger with Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner is in the studio today to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of using anger to fuel your creativity, the loss of his parents as a young man, and exactly which 1980s baseball players made him realize he was gay.    Then: A 50-something finds that he’s no longer as interested in bar-hopping as his husband

49 min
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Chelsea Handler & Julianna Margulies 03 Aug 2023 • EN

Kill Them (with Kindness) with Julianna Margulies

Julianna Margulies is back!  She and Chelsea cover learning to love your elders, the unfulfilled promise of matcha lemonade, and how Julianna is fighting back against anti-semitism.  Then: A new mom wrestles with a nasty neighbor.  A caller from a previous Julianna episode has an update.  And a wife wonders if she’d be

71 min
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