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Diann Wingert & Neena Perez 01 Nov 2022 • EN

The No-BS Business Coach with Neena Perez

Women who have the audacity to speak their truth without guilt or apology are absolutely some of my favorite people and today’s guest, Neena Perez and I became instant friends. As soon as I saw the name of her podcast,  “Straight Talk, No Sugar Added”, and the title of her book, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot, How I Overc

45 min
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Miriam Gunn & Neena Perez 31 Oct 2022 • EN

From Shame to Forgiveness to CEO with Neena Perez

Welcome to another episode of The LeaveBetter Podcast  where I interview high performers and business owners, gleaning from their wisdom, practical routines, habits, and mindsets. In episode 19, we are pleased to have Neena Perez - a business and performance coach and the host of the Straight Talk No Sugar Added podcas

46 min
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Diann Wingert & Neena Perez 25 Oct 2022 • EN

There is No Magic Pill

Of all the things we need to learn how to master as a coach or consultant is expectation management.  It is more important than your niche, your offers, your marketing, price point, packaging our expertise or what social media platforms to spend our time on.   You can’t fully rely on your potential client to know what

36 min
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