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KMO has been the voice behind the C-Realm podcast for well over a decade. He discovered podcasting while driving for a dead-end sales job and within days, he was hooked (and his sales career, doomed). Since those prehistoric days, he has sat down for a conversation over 500 times – with authors, bloggers, activists, technology gurus, and fellow podcasters – and these conversations made KMO reconsider many of his earlier positions. He now describes himself as a "recovering libertarian and Singularitarian." KMO is the writer and illustrator of GEBB, a darkly comedic, scifi comic about aliens who love the Earth but hate their jobs. He is a life-long lover of science fiction, both on the screen and on the page.

Interviews: 74
Latest interview: 03 Jul 2024
Talked to: Douglas Lain, Douglas Rushkoff, Chris Cutrone, Kaleb Gorman and 2 others

Cathy Nesbitt

Cathy Nesbitt is a Health and Wellness Advocate. Founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters (est 2002), Cathy’s Sprouters and Cathy’s Laughter Club. She is a multi award-winning environmental innovator who uses workshops and inspirational speaking to motivate people to live a more sustainable life. Cathy is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Appointed Laughter Ambassador in 2017 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga. Cathy is an avid cyclist and gardener.

Interviews: 124
Latest interview: 30 Jun 2024
Talked to: Michael Millward, Richard Wilmore, Roy Coughlan, Kendra Losee and 2 others

Anna Haskell

Co-Founder & CEO of Padverb Corp, a social podcast interview platform connecting hosts, guests, and listeners. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of AVM Investments, a single-family office Hedge fund investor, LP in funds. Wharton MBA, Harvard OPM alum

Interviews: 9
Latest interview: 26 Jul 2022
Talked to: Andre Watson, Joe Zhao, Maxwell Brown, Jim Hawk and 2 others

Nathan Lewis

Nathan Lewis has written five books on economic topics. The most recent was Inflation: What It Is, Why It's Bad, and How To Fix It (2022), coauthored with Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames. He has been featured in television documentaries in the U.S., South Korea, China, Russia, and Britain. He has spoken at events hosted by the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, the American Principles Project, and others. He has testified in Congress on economic issues. His writing has appeared in many media outlets, including Forbes, the Financial Times, Huffington Post, Nikkei Business, Daily Reckoning, Worth, and other publications. He has been involved in professional asset management for over fifteen years.

Interviews: 20
Latest interview: 04 Jun 2024
Talked to: Dick Bove, John Aidan Byrne, Angelo Robles, King Banaian and 2 others

Interviews: 127
Latest interview: 30 May 2024
Talked to: Tom Rossi, Kyle Yates, Bill Gallagher, Jodi Krangle and 2 others

Diann Wingert

No-BS Psychotherapist turned business strategist and mindset mentor for female solopreneurs. Dynamic podcast guest speaking on the ways women hold themselves back & how to overcome them. Host of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast. Creator of the Boss Up System. Peloton enthusiast, profane Buddhist, and speaker of uncomfortable truths.

Interviews: 176
Latest interview: 04 Jun 2024
Talked to: Kate Moryoussef, Kris Ward, Aleasha Bahr, Meg Casebolt and 2 others

Kitt O'Malley

Kitt O'Malley


I'm an author, mental health advocate, public speaker, and former psychotherapist who lives with bipolar disorder. I have experienced depression so deep that it was a living hell and mania so severe that I was psychotic. There is help. Psychotherapy, medication, and coping skills have enabled me to live a fulfilling life. Acceptance has been key to my mental health recovery. Acceptance is essentially a spiritual experience. To accept yourself is to love yourself. There is hope. In my memoir, 𝗕𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗔𝗰𝘁 – 𝗪𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵 𝗔 𝗕𝗶𝗽𝗼𝗹𝗮𝗿 𝗟𝗶𝗳𝗲, I share how I balanced living with bipolar disorder with my work as a mental health advocate and caretaker of my son and parents. My book offers hope to those living with mental health conditions and their loved ones and tells how my mental health journey has given me purpose.

Interviews: 19
Latest interview: 07 Apr 2023
Talked to: Petra Brunnbauer, Angela Talent, Jacqueline Capstick, Robert Adleman and 2 others

Travis Davis

An Air Force Brat that grew up in Arkansas, Spain, New York, and California. He joined the US Army at 17 years old as an Armored Reconnaissance Specialist and was stationed in the various forts in the United States and in Germany where he met his beautiful wife. During his three tours in Germany, he conducted hundreds of border patrols along the East-West German border and Czechoslovakia West German border. Where he saw first-hand communism and its oppression of its citizens. He retired from the US Army where his last duty assignment was Assistant Operations Sergeant of 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment; Fort Polk Louisiana he is a lifetime member of the Sergeant Morales Club and received multiple awards including the Meritorious Service Medal. He currently works for a cyber security company as a Director Technical Solutions Specialist and has held positions of leadership in multiple leading software companies and has spoken at technology conferences in the US and Europe. He was the Technical Editor for Que Publishing for their Microsoft MCSE series and contributing author for the Windows 2000 Handbook. Travis is the co-founder of Point N Time Software and the inventor of Meeting Mapper and Strategy Mapper. While not writing or working, Travis enjoys exercising, traveling (loves a good road trip), baking different loaves of bread, and just relaxing in his backyard with friends and family while having a cold beer. He currently lives in Allen Texas with his wife of 36 years, he has three adult children, two daughters living in Arkansas and one son living in Northern Virginia, and seven wonderful grandchildren. “Travis never met a stranger,” is what his wife always says.

Interviews: 14
Latest interview: 15 Jul 2024
Talked to: Joe Crane, Patrick Boggs, Tom McGeady, John Winn Miller and 2 others

Interviews: 101
Latest interview: 06 Jun 2024
Talked to: John Jantsch, Jessica Rhodes, Faris Aranki, Roger Knecht and 2 others

Kira Dineen

Kira Dineen, MS, LCGC, CG(ASCP)CM, has a decade of podcast experience fueled by a passion for science communication. She has hosted and produced 6 podcasts. Her main show, "DNA Today", is in the top 1% of podcasts globally. Listeners Discover New Advances in the world of genetics through Kira’s interviews about genetic technology, disorders, and news. The show won the Best 2020 and 2021 Science and Medicine Podcast Awards. “DNA Today” has produced over 190 episodes with 380,000+ downloads.

Interviews: 97
Latest interview: 24 May 2024
Talked to: Arthur Caplan, Hector Santiesteban, Patrick Short, Eric Green and 2 others

Interviews: 10
Latest interview: 25 Jun 2022
Talked to: Brittini Flatley, Anna Haskell, Melissa Wolf Starr, Mark Sanor and 2 others

Tony Martignetti

Tony Martignetti is a trusted advisor, leadership coach and facilitator, best-selling author, podcast host, and speaker. He brings together over 25 years of business and leadership experience and extreme curiosity to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate through change and unlock their true potential. He has been recognized by Thinkers360 as one of the Top Voices in Leadership and by LeadersHum as one of the Biggest Voices in Leadership. Tony hosts The Virtual Campfire podcast and is the author of Climbing the Right Mountain: Navigating the Journey to An Inspired Life and Campfire Lessons for Leaders: How Uncovering Our Past Can Propel Us Forward. He has been featured in many publications, including Fast Company, Forbes, Life Science Leader, and CEO Today.

Interviews: 73
Latest interview: 01 Jul 2024
Talked to: Todd Henry, Joel Beasley, John Jantsch, Jerry Colonna and 2 others