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Amit Verma & Luke Burgis 10 Jul 2023 • EN

Luke Burgis Sees the Deer at His Window

To live the examined life, we have to examine our own desires. Luke Burgis joins Amit Varma in episode 337 of The Seen and the Unseen to share his insights into human nature -- and to talk about his own evolution as a person and a thinker. (FOR FULL LINKED SHOW NOTES, GO TO SEENUNSEEN.IN.) Also check out: 1. Luke Burgi

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Want To Become A Better Writer? Join Write of Passage's Upcoming Cohort Luke has a background on Wall Street and has founded 3 companies in Silicon Valley. He describes his adult life as a constant state of uncertainty. At some point, he took a classics course, which he completed in a 24-hour Starbucks in a couple of m

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Luke Burgis introduces us to the power of mimetic desire and how it influences our wants, fears, fulfillment and much more. Understanding why we want what we want helps us to desire differently, influence the desires of others and build a more fulfilling future.  Subscribe for ad-free interviews and bonus episodes http

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Luke Burgis explores human ecology and how our technology, relationships, politics, economics, education & systems affect what we want, our desires. Our future is shaped by what we learn to want and why. Luke wrote 'Wanting', a book based on the work of René Girard, a French polymath who coined the term mimetic theory,

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Alexandra Kaschuta & Luke Burgis 20 Jul 2022 • EN

Luke Burgis - Wanting While Atomized

I speak with Luke about being an autonomous self in an overabundance of memetic and mimetic opportunity, about choosing unchosen bonds again, the positives of mimesis given that it is inescapable, metaphysical boredom, expertise, identity, and much more. Luke Burgis is Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Director of Programs

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Jack Murphy & Luke Burgis 09 May 2022 • EN

Luke Burgis - JML #087

Jack Murphy sits down with Luke Burgis, author of "Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life" - an insightful book that draws on the work of French polymath René Girard to bring this hidden force to light and reveals how it shapes our lives and societies. Why do you want what you want? And how do we influen

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