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Here's what to expect on the podcast:What is the Emotional Freedom Technique, and how does it work?In what ways can tapping serve as a practical tool for managing anxiety and worries in daily life?What are the primary benefits associated with tapping?Can people do EFT tapping on their own, or do they usually need someo

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Crystal Anne Compton & Lauren Fonvielle 13 Sep 2023 • EN

66: Energy Healing & The Emotional Freedom Technique with Lauren Fonvielle

Lauren Fonvielle is an Integrative Energy Practitioner, specializing in EFT/ Tapping for stress, anxiety, and trauma. She guides her clients on a journey of self-healing breaking through obstacles - physical, mental, or emotional - that are keeping them feeling stuck and in pain. Visit Lauren's website: https://www.min

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🎉🎙️ Get ready to boost your energy and thrive! 🌟🌬️ Join me for an electrifying episode with Lauren Fonvielle, the EFT Energy Practitioner, as we delve into "Tapping to Thrive: Healing Energy in Motion"! 💫✨🚀 Discover the power of tapping to release blocks, heal, and unlock your potential in life and business. 🌈💼

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Kevin McDonald & Lauren Fonvielle 10 May 2023 • EN

493 | Prioritize YOUR Mental Health! - Interview - Lauren Fonvielle

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Peter George & Lauren Fonvielle 09 May 2023 • EN

Tap Through Your Fears with Lauren Fonvielle

Are you still trying to get over your nervousness or maybe even dealing with limited beliefs? Well, maybe it's time to try Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly known as EFT or Tapping. Listen in as my guest Lauren Fonvielle explains how tapping can help you reduce your anxiety, overcome limiting beliefs, and help you

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Lyndsay Soprano & Lauren Fonvielle 10 Jan 2023 • EN

#23 Tap Into Emotional Freedom

On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with her EPIC guest Lauren Fonvielle about not running away from emotions but acknowledging the emotions we have because they need to be felt, so we can move through them. After all, emotion by definition is energy in motion. “You gotta feel it to heal it, baby!”

45 min
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