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Jen Liddy & Phyllis Nichols 17 Nov 2022 • EN

What happens after they "know, like, & trust" you?

Whew! Ok. Your audience has come to know, like, & trust you. Now what? Ohhhh. Have we got a treat for YOU today! What normally happens is we often jump to “BUY OUR STUFF” – because, let’s be honest: conversions are why we’re in business. But there’s actually some other great stuff that helps the audience move there wit

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Jen Liddy & Michelle Mazur 21 Jul 2022 • EN

Reveal your message with the 3-Word Rebellion!

Whatever kind of content you're creating…. Whatever networking, pitching, marketing, speaking you're doing.... None of it will work if you have a murky, fuzzed up brand messaging… Anything that’s unclear, takes too long to say or has people walking away from you going, “WHAT does she do?!” THAT is a foundational proble

33 min
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Jen Liddy & Claudia Schalkx 09 Jun 2022 • EN

Myths about your Ideal Client

Ugggg don't make me do those ideal client exercises everrrrr again! You already know your ICA, have a fictional character representing your people, and DO NOT EVER WANT TO LOOK BACK at that freakin’ thing again. Welp. We’ve got some unsexy news for you: There are MYTHS around the whole Ideal Client Avatar, Niche, Targe

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Catherine Avery & Jen Liddy 23 Sep 2021 • EN

Content Creation, Scaling, and English Muffins

Jen Liddy left her high school teaching career to avoid a life doomed by grading crappy 9th grade essays. In 2013, she made a terrifying leap into entrepreneurship & learned everything the hard way!  Now, as a Content Creation Specialist, she helps people harness their voice & improve their writing  - without ever havi

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Diann Wingert & Jen Liddy 23 Feb 2021 • EN

Eliminating Content Creation Frustration with Jen Liddy

Today I am joined by Jen Liddy, who is in Syracuse, NY, and is the owner of Jen Liddy Business Coaching & Development. Jen helps coaches, consultants, service providers, small business owners, and online entrepreneurs get off of what she calls the content creation “dreadmill.”  The pressure to come up with something in

44 min
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Jen Liddy & Diann Wingert 22 Oct 2020 • EN

Driven but Distracted: You CAN Get Focused and Take Action

Do you have flashes of brilliance, but struggle to maintain consistency? Are you frustrated that people less talented than you FLY BY you? Your mind works SO fast - you know you have something important to offer, but somehow you just never get where you want to go. WHY? Today life & business coach Diann Wingert shares

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