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Jeffrey A. Tucker, founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, warns against placing too much trust in polling data and surveys: “How sure can we really be that the numbers we are given are even based in reality?” “What if the people who don’t respond to surveys are much different than those who do? What we end

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How did First Lady Jill Biden test positive for COVID-19 for a second time if she already received two doses and two boosters of the vaccine? Why do so many continue to insist that the mRNA shots for COVID are both “safe & effective” when the evidence in front of them tells a different story? Jeffrey A Tucker returns w

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Robert McTeigue & Jeffrey Tucker 29 Aug 2023 • EN

Rejecting the Cult of the Expert (Jeffrey Tucker) 8/29/23

We welcome back Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute to discuss the downfall in trust of so-called experts. What happens when we live perpetually within a low trust society? Father finishes with Timely Thoughts to discuss our individual roles in a society gone mad.   Show Notes The Great Cloud of Disrepute | Brow

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The great Jeffrey Tucker returns with an exposé on how Sam Bankman-Fried is connected to the Covid-19 regime and why that might have propelled the dropping of some charges. It’s an ugly tale of Democrat corruption and a grifting managerial class who profit from "pandemic planning."  Plus — pulling beauty back into our

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Trish Wood & Jeffrey Tucker 08 Apr 2023 • EN

Jeffrey Tucker and the COVID Catastrophe

Brownstone’s Jeffrey Tucker on the post Covid-19 world. Tucker gives one of his most revealing and poignant interviews ever—admitting to a deep sadness during lockdowns and even contemplating the darkest of thoughts. It is one of the most important and enlightening conversations in the history of the podcast. Don’t mis

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Dave Rubin & John Cardillo + Jeffrey Tucker 07 Apr 2023 • EN

This Is the Winner of the Absolute Worst Take on Trump's Arrest | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Jeffrey Tucker and John Cardillo about the Trump indictment; why MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell might have the worst take on the Trump arrest with her pathetic attempt to make the race of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg an issue; Van Jones surprising his CNN panel by explaining how the arres

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