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Patrick Henningsen & Trish Wood 25 Jan 2024 • EN

Trish Wood & Kristian James on Patrick Henningsen Show - 26 January 2024

On today's show, Trish Wood discusses the latest developments from the Middle East. Later, Kristian James discusses the European Farmers Protest. GUEST 1 OVERVIEW: Trish Wood is an award-winning journalist, interviewer, documentary director, podcaster and radio host. GUEST 2 OVERVIEW:

55 min
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Trish Wood & Lawrence Wilkerson 16 Dec 2023 • EN

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

For every person who dies in the rubble of Gaza, it's predicted that twenty angry new fighters are born. Trish discusses Israel’s folly in Gaza and the cruelty of its indiscriminate bombing campaign with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson - - a high ranking member of Colin Powell’s team during the Iraq War. Wilkerson is a seri

70 min
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The great CJ Hopkins is back after his arrest in Germany for expressing unapproved ideas. He and Trish talk about how the current Middle East conflict plays into the hands of Globocap and also why so many of us are divided on this issue.   Also — Jacqueline Bynon, Trish’s close friend is here to explain what life is li

131 min
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Trish Wood & Jeffrey Sachs 21 Oct 2023 • EN

Jeffrey Sachs

America is funding two hot wars — neither of which has the prospect of ending well. Civilian casualties are mounting in Gaza, and the propaganda war continues. Renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs tells Trish both situations are a massive failure of diplomacy, and that Western governments, especially the US, behave foolish

86 min
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Trish Wood & Dave Rubin 16 Sep 2023 • EN

Dave Rubin

The UN pledges a free speech crackdown, and Trish counters with some of the organization’s own lies. And our big box-office guest: podcaster and host of the Rubin Report, Dave Rubin joins us. Dave explains why he turned on Donald Trump, details his unwavering support for Ron DeSantis, and dishes on what we can learn fr

93 min
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Trish Wood & Walter Kirn 12 Aug 2023 • EN

Walter Kirn and The County Highway

The future of journalism and community may lie in a sharp little broadsheet being published from America's heartland by some the country’s premier writers. Acclaimed American author and essayist Walter Kirn is one of the people behind it and he tells  Trish about why centring news coverage away from big city elites rev

90 min
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