Liberal Education, Pragmatism, and Asceticism | Zena Hitz

12 Sep 2023 • 37 min • EN
37 min
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In this episode:Zena Hitz joins the podcast to talk about the enduring value and necessity of a liberal arts educationhow class and economic considerations describe the shifts towards “practical” studies and coursework to the neglect of “the fundamental questions”the connection between ascetic practice and proper reasoning, and how education requires retreat from the present things Texts Mentioned:Lost in Thought by Zena Hitzcatherineproject.orgNicomachean Ethics by AristotleSophist by PlatoPhaedrus by PlatoWealth of Nations by Adam SmithCity of God by AugustineRepublic by PlatoDemocracy in America by Alexis de TocquevilleConfessions by AugustineGenesis Become a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events

From "Conservative Conversations with ISI"

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