WS1959 Data Empowered Cold Calling For Real Estate | Highlights Stash Gelezinski

02 Mar 2024 • 30 min • EN
30 min
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Welcome back to The Real Estate Syndication Show! In this highlight episode, we have an enlightening conversation with Stash Gelezinski, the Managing Director for Capstone Company"s Cincinnati office. Stash shares his inspiring journey in commercial real estate, his unique perspective on cold calling, and how he leverages data analytics to identify profitable deals. Here are 3 key takeaways you won"t want to miss:Cold Calling: Your Superpower: Discover how Stash transformed cold calling into his secret weapon, and learn actionable strategies to approach potential clients with confidence and clarity.Harness the Power of Data: Unveiling Needle, the innovative platform that utilizes data analytics to predict real estate transactions and generate hot leads, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most lucrative opportunities.Building Relationships & Streamlining Prospecting: Gain insights into building valuable connections within the industry, effectively managing your contact lists, and leveraging technology to optimize your prospecting process. Want to hear the full interview with Stash and unlock the full potential of cold calling and data-driven prospecting in your real estate syndication journey? Click the links to listen to the full episodes now! Don"t forget to like, subscribe, and share The Real Estate Syndication Show with your friends! Tune in for more valuable insights and strategies from industry leaders like Stash. Keep learning and keep investing! VISIT OUR WEBSITE Here are ways you can work with us here at Life Bridge Capital: ⚡️START INVESTING TODAY: If you think that real estate syndication may be right for you, contact us today to learn more about our current investment opportunities: ⚡️Watch on YouTube: 📝 JOIN THE DISCUSSION ➡️ FOLLOW US ⭐ Be Our Guest! We are continuously working hard to help our listeners with their journey to real estate syndication. If you think you can add value in any way to our listeners who are in commercial real estate, then we’d love to have you over. Apply here:

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