WS1957 Invest Passively With Private Lending | Alex Breshears

29 Feb 2024 • 29 min • EN
29 min
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In today"s episode, we"re excited to have Alina Trigub stepping in as our guest host. She sat down with Alex Breshears, a well-versed expert in the fields of real estate and private lending. Their conversation delved deep into the world of private lending, discussing its advantages as a passive income source, the benefits it brings, important points to ponder, and how newcomers can venture into this promising area. Here are three essential insights from Alex to guide you in determining if private lending matches your investment goals: Earning Passive Income Through Real Estate: Opting for private lending means you can enjoy a steady cash flow from real estate endeavors without the hassle of property management. It"s an attractive route for those aiming for passive earnings.Balancing Advantages and Drawbacks: Private lending offers perks such as minimal effort and possibly lower risks than owning properties outright. However, it"s crucial to acknowledge its downsides, like fewer tax advantages and the importance of diligent research. Weigh these factors carefully.Embarking With Confidence: Keen on private lending? Start by connecting with seasoned professionals, sharpening your underwriting skills, and favoring first-lien positions to safeguard your investment, especially as a newbie. Ensuring your strategy aligns with your risk appetite is key to thriving. For more insights and to connect with Alex about her private lending expertise, visit her LinkedIn profile. VISIT OUR WEBSITE Here are ways you can work with us here at Life Bridge Capital: ⚡️START INVESTING TODAY: If you think that real estate syndication may be right for you, contact us today to learn more about our current investment opportunities: ⚡️Watch on YouTube: 📝 JOIN THE DISCUSSION ➡️ FOLLOW US ⭐ Be Our Guest! We are continuously working hard to help our listeners with their journey to real estate syndication. If you think you can add value in any way to our listeners who are in commercial real estate, then we’d love to have you over. Apply here:

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