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With Chrissie Mayr

21 Sep 2023 • 68 min • EN
68 min
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And Now We Drink podcast is back in action as host Matt Slayer invites Chrissie Mayr to the podcast. This episode highlights Chrissie's unique perspective on life's traffic, both literal and digital, drawing parallels and laughs throughout the show. The episode kicks off with a lighthearted yet relatable discussion on LA's infamous traffic congestion. Being from Long Island, Chrissie brings her own city's traffic woes into the mix, adding to the conversational flavor. Matt and Chrissie also delve into the trend of inflated parking fees, touching upon Chrissie's self-proclaimed thriftiness, while segueing smoothly into social issues such as homelessness and Skid Row. This episode dives into the nitty-gritty of urban life, touching upon the impact of the pandemic, complete with the chaos of panic buying and DIY disinfectants.In an unexpected turn, conspiracy theories, such as 9/11 and the flat earth theory, also make an appearance.  From hilariously debunking the 'fluffer' myth to addressing more serious topics like industry double standards and cancel culture, the discussion offers a candid look into the industry's sociocultural dynamics.T. A highlight is the host's personal story of a random encounter with an ex-partner on set.Within the multilayered, fast-paced conversation, Matt and Chrissie blend humor with sobering insights, creating a reflective dialogue on topics often overlooked. The duo also draws attention to other industry sectors like HVAC, littered with amusing anecdotes and plumbing horror stories, before discussing the charisma and corruption in politics. The episode wraps up, the conversation shifts to audience engagement, and user experience in content marketing. Chrissie discusses her future gigs, and Matt hints at attending one (it didn't happen), Simply put, it's an episode not to be missed. Tune in to hear the laughter, the insights, and, as always, the drinks   Cover your shame in our wares. New Merch! The Patreon is full of exclusive content and directly supports the show.   Subscribe to the youtube

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