19 Dec 2023 • 12 min • EN
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In this episode of My Simplified Life, host Michelle Glogovac shares her reasons for writing her book How to Get on Podcasts. Michelle opens up about her love for books, her desire to help others share their stories, and her ambition to set industry standards for podcast guesting. She encourages listeners to show up authentically, share their truth, and make a difference in the world one voice at a time. What we’re talking about The importance of sharing authentic stories The need for industry standards in podcast guesting The transformative potential of podcasting Sharing Authentic Stories  Michelle strongly believes in the power of sharing authentic stories. She emphasizes that people connect with the truth. By showing up as you are and sharing your story in the most truthful way possible, you can make a difference. This authenticity also has the potential to positively affect your business, book sales, or any other endeavor. Setting Industry Standards  Michelle expresses her desire to set standards in the podcasting industry. She criticizes the practice of copying and pasting pitches and urges individuals and agencies to take the time to listen to the shows they pitch to. She highlights that podcast guesting should be viewed as a partnership and a collaboration, requiring genuine connections and mutual respect. Transformative Potential of Podcasting  Podcasting has transformative potential. It can change the lives of the host, the guest, and the listeners. She emphasizes that every podcast episode is a valuable contribution, and she encourages hosts to realize the value of their work. Michelle's book aims to make podcast guesting accessible to everyone, helping more voices be heard and more lives to be changed.   LINKS MENTIONED How To Get On Podcasts by Michelle Glogovac https://michelleglogovac.com/how-to-get-on-podcasts/

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