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When AI and Blockchain Meet, How Can Each Technology Benefit?

11 Jul 2023 • 72 min • EN
72 min
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In recent months, ChatGPT, Bard and other new artificial intelligence (AI) products have revolutionized numerous industries. But how this nascent technology can work with crypto and blockchain technology is still relatively unexplored. In this episode, Illia Polosukhin and Jason Warner delve into the transformative potential of AI and crypto coming together.  They explore a wide array of applications, from AIs managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), to DAOs being used to help open source AIs, to blockchain technology making the inner workings of AIs more transparent.  Tune in to this episode for a deep dive into the fusion of AI and crypto. Show highlights: Illia's and Jason’s backgrounds, including how Illia’s work in artificial intelligence (AI) got him into crypto what AI actually encompasses and how to define it why Jason says that "it works right now, it's machine learning and if you're raising money, it's AI" how blockchains can facilitate the provision of resources for training data  the problem of attribution in training AI models how OpenAI and Midjourney hold a lot of power at the moment, according to Illia why open source code helps build better AI systems how LLMs are being used to audit code in the blockchain ecosystem up to what point AI can be used for crypto trading why misinformation is a human problem, not an “AI problem,” and how blockchain technology can help solve this issue how blockchains can be used to verify facts to combat misinformation whether AI can help mitigate attacks on DeFi protocols how DAOS and AI can work together and whether AI can coordinate a company what’s missing in terms of infrastructure for DAOs to thrive with AI how to structure regulation with this rapidly evolving technology Thank you to our sponsors! Arbitrum Foundation TOKEN2049 OKX Guests: Illia Polosukhin, cofounder of NEAR. Previous appearance on The Chopping Block: The Chopping Block: Why AI Will Change the Course of History in Crypto Jason Warner, founder at Poolside.  Links Op-ed by Illia: Blockchain can save the media - Blockworks CoinDesk:  AI Can Generate a Trading Edge in Crypto Markets 10 Ways Crypto and AI Can Make Each Other Better (or Maybe Worse) Blockchain May Offer Answers for AI Challenges Former FTX.US President Brett Harrison's New Venture Is Seeking to Harness AI for Crypto Trading Blockchain Developer Platform Alchemy Releases AI-Powered Tools for Web3 Builders When AI and Blockchain Merge, Expect the Mundane at First Imagining the Future AI and Web3 Can Build World Economic Forum: Blockchain can help combat the threat of deepfakes. Here's how Cointelegraph: DAOs: Where humans may fail, AI could succeed Forbes: Convergence Of Web3, AI And Metaverse: Navigating The Great Reset For Investors,  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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