What if the smart way isn’t the best way?

27 Jul 2023 • 57 min • EN
57 min
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Awareness • Ownership • Detachment Do you feel like having all the answers and knowing exactly what’s coming next is the only way to feel safe? Yeah - So did this week’s guest but eventually, after much burnout, Jessica Eley realized that the “smart” way wasn’t always the best way for her! In this conversation, we dive deep into "normal"  .. .What the is normal anyway? It’s totally subjective and depends on the context. Jessica discovered that curiosity was her savior. Get curious, figure out where you need and want to be at any given moment, and then live into it. Let go of right and wrong through patterns and so much more. join us as we explore Jessica's journey, her triumphs, and how she found her own path. It's all about embracing who you are and finding your own version of success. Let's get into it! Episode Takeaways: Often gifted kids have just learned to perform really well. Jessica felt like she always needed to know what comes next in order to feel safe. “Normal” is fully subjective and contextual. Burnout was a result of, finally, facing things I had previously ignored or thought were “normal” but later realized they weren’t. Stop doing it the “smart way” if that doesn’t freaking work for you. Curiosity saved Jessica Although you may not be getting some paramagatic from the “smart” or “right” way - but you’re getting something from it. Take account of where you are right now, in this moment, and what you want and need to be your best self. So much of Jessica's success is knowing the difference between the thoughts she receives and the things she’s “supposed” to think. Celebration: Jessica loves lowkey celebration in the form of integration.  Charity: Charity Water, Trees for the Future Contact Jessica on her website and Instagram.   Let's connect ... Follow us on Instagram and connect with our host, Heather Vickery here. ORDER YOUR COPY OF F*CK FEARLESS - MAKING THE BRAVE LEAP TODAY, Click Here! Order your Create Brave Manifestation Card Decks here. Share your feedback by emailing heather@vickeryandco.com or via Instagram DM's.  

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