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Mastermind Q2 2023 w/ Tobias Carlisle and Hari Ramachandra

04 Jun 2023 • 82 min • EN
82 min
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In today's episode, Stig Brodersen speaks to Tobias Carlisle and Hari Ramachandra. Stig only owns five individual stocks, and in this episode, he outlines why he added Teqnion as the newest addition to his portfolio. Hari’s pick, Palantir, has recently traded at a 52-week high after a preceding 80% drop, and Tobias pitches Virtu Financial, a value stock with strong cash flows in uncertain times.  IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: 00:00 - Intro 01:35 - The group’s takeaways from the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting 06:00 - Why Hari is bullish on Palantir (Ticker: PLTR) 24:46 - Why Toby is bull on Virtual Financial (Ticker: VIRT) as a trade but not as a “buy-and-hold.”  41:37 - Why Stig has invested in Teqnion (Ticker: TEQ) as one of the five stocks he owns 58:21 - Which questions to ask management if you get the opportunity 01:17:07 - What the TIP Mastermind Community is and our plans to meet up in NYC in October Disclaimer: Slight discrepancies in the timestamps may occur due to podcast platform differences. BOOKS AND RESOURCES Join the exclusive TIP Mastermind Community to engage in meaningful stock investing discussions with Stig, Clay, and the other community members. Stig Brodersen’s interview with Daniel Zhang, the Chief Acquisition Officer of Teqnion Daniel Zhang’s book, An investment thinking toolbox – read reviews of the book. Listen to Mastermind Discussion Q1 2023 - TIP528 or watch the video. Listen to Mastermind Discussion Q1 2022 - TIP418 or watch the video. Listen to Mastermind Discussion Q2 2022 - TIP450 or watch the video.   Listen to Mastermind Discussion Q3 2022 - TIP475 or watch the video. Listen to Mastermind Discussion Q4 2022 - TIP496 or watch the video. Tune in to Stig Brodersen’s interview with Mohnish Pabrai about the Turkish stock market or watch the video. Tune in to Clay Finck’s interview with Chris Mayer about Constellation Software and 100-baggers or watch the video. Teqnion’s investor relations Our FREE stock analysis resource, Intrinsic Value Index. Subscribe to our FREE Intrinsic Value Assessments. Tobias Carlisle's podcast, The Acquires Podcast. Tobias Carlisle's ETF, ZIG. Tobias Carlisle's ETF, Deep. Tobias Carlisle's book, The Acquirer's Multiple – read reviews of this book Tobias Carlisle's Acquirer's Multiple stock screener: Tweet directly to Tobias Carlisle.  Hari's Blog: Tweet directly to Hari Ramachandra.  SPONSORS Support our free podcast by supporting our sponsors: River Toyota TurboTax Fidelity Monarch Money Meyka Simon & Schuster CI Financial Vacasa Long Angle Fundrise iFlex Stretch Studios American Express Shopify Support our show by becoming a premium member! Support our show by becoming a premium member! Support our show by becoming a premium member! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Support our show by becoming a premium member!

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