VI4P - Seeking Confidence Externally and Building It Internally (Chapter 10)

12 Feb 2024 • 31 min • EN
31 min
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Click here to get your FREE Confidence Building Workbook or visit  Every Monday I’m bringing a chapter of Validation Is For Parking: How Women Can Beat The Confidence Con) to life!  This week we cover the final chapter, Chapter 10, which is all about the confidence con of Seeking Confidence Externally (pages 26 & 27 in the workbook), and all the ways we can begin to Build it Internally (page 36 in the workbook). Here’s what you can expect: The confidence con gets exposed for the bullshit that it is I share the “false equation” many of us are using to build confidence, and the equation that actually works We go thru 10 tips for building internal confidence that work and are sustainable  Congratulations!! If you’ve been listening to all our VI4P episodes you just finished a book! I’d greatly appreciate if you’d write a book review (or just click the 5 stars if you’re short on time): To leave a review on Goodreads: To leave a review on Amazon:  Like what you heard? Please rate and review

From "This Is Woman's Work with Nicole Kalil"

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