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The Fight Within: Exploring The Mind Of An MMA Fighter With Jordan Michael Harvey

06 Mar 2023 • 30 min • EN
30 min
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Inside The Mind Of An MMA Fighter: Is It Madness Or Brilliance? On This Episode Of Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast Host Richard Kaufman Sits Down With MMA And Future UFC Fighter Jordan Michael Harvey. To Listen/Watch Click Here - 💣 Top Knowledge Bombs 💣 -What can children learn from B.J.J or MMA? - Why we ALL NEED to start competing again in all areas of our lives. Let’s get back in the game. - What does a Veteran or First Responder have in common with a MMA Fighter? - What Is a CHAMPIONS mindset? - What does a day in the life of a fighter look like? - What steps can you take to get healthy TODAY? Also… Getting into the mind of an MMA fighter is a fascinating journey that requires a deep understanding of the mental and physical demands of the sport. These fighters train for months to achieve peak physical and mental performance, honing their techniques and strategies to take on opponents in the Octagon. But what drives them to compete in such a brutal and demanding sport? What motivates them to keep pushing even when the odds are stacked against them? By exploring the mindset of MMA fighters, we gain valuable insight into their approach to training, their mental toughness, and their ability to perform under pressure. We see firsthand the intense focus and dedication required to compete at the highest levels of combat sports, and we learn to appreciate the incredible mental and physical strength of these athletes. Whether you're an MMA fan or simply curious about the world of combat sports, taking a closer look at the mindset of an MMA fighter is an eye-opening experience that's well worth the journey. Thank You 🙏 To Our Sponsors Tammi Moses Of The Hoarding Solution Saving America 🇺🇸 One Home At A Time. Kurt Ballash Of Ballash Woodworks For Making The Finest Woodworking In The World. #UFC285 #ufc #ufcfightnight #mma --- Support this podcast:

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