Rahul Thayyalamkandy & Rex Salisbury , Understanding VC

UVC: Rex Salisbury from Cambrian on the evolution of Cambrian community, the rise of vertical SaaS & embedded finance, and the impact of AI on financial services

12 Jul 2023 • 46 min • EN
46 min
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In this episode you will learn:Why did Rex decide not to start a company and pursue venture capital instead?How has the Cambrian community evolved over time? How does Rex see the value of adding value to the ecosystem and creating access over time?What impressed Rex about Deel and its founders? Did he expect Deel to become one of the fastest growing companies in the world when he first met them?What is the role and importance of product counsel in a FinTech company?How does Rex assist startups in navigating the FinTech ecosystem? How does connecting with other founders who have built on similar platforms benefit entrepreneurs in making partnership decisions?What is vertical SaaS and why is it an interesting trend in 2023? What are the dynamics of winner-takes-most in vertical SaaS markets?What is embedded FinTech and how does it relate to vertical SaaS? What are examples of financial services that can be embedded within vertical SaaS platforms?How can AI impact financial services and improve operational efficiency according to Rex? Will incumbents in the financial industry be able to adopt AI more effectively than other technologies like cloud and mobile?What is the potential impact of embedded financial services on the distribution of financial products and services? About Rex Salisbury is the Founder and General Partner of Cambrian, an early-stage VC fund specializing in fintech startups. With prior experience as a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Rex has invested in over 50 fintech companies. Known for his talent in connecting founders with vital resources, Rex's fintech community, Cambrian, has become a platform for fostering success. His exceptional understanding of the fintech landscape enables him to identify promising opportunities and support entrepreneurs on their journey.

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