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Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum and immortality

20 Jan 2022 • 102 min • EN
102 min
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LinksVitalik blogShow Partner This episode is presented by FTX. Trade on an awesome mobile interface fee-free, and still get all the great portfolio tracking features you know and love: Notes Wdyd Besides Crypto? – Vitalik reads a lot – Fascinated in how languages have evolved – Vitalik: Like you know how gate used to mean a structure that lets things in and out…now “gate” means a media scandal! – Ledger: “Favorite high fantasy?” – Vitalik: “Early Game of Thrones were great. Early high fantasy was very much good vs. evil, like in Lord of the Rings Elves and men are good, and Orcs are evil” – It’s possible Vitalik would run a book club in the future given Cobie would want it 10 years ago what’d you see yourself doing? – Wasn’t thinking too deeply – Then Bitcoin came along and turned into something – Vitalik was the first writer for Bitcoin magazine – Cobie: “Did you at one point apply for a job at Ripple?” – Vitalik: “Yes” – Jed McCaleb said yes, but Visa trouble prevented him from joining Ethereum Beginnings – Too many co-founders at first (there are 8 for those of you who just pretend you like crypto) – Some coding changes too – Vitalik: “Sometimes I wonder how things would’ve turned out if Ethereum had different distribution” – Cobie: “Do you see Ethereum now as your life’s work or is there a future where you don’t work on Ethereum?” – Will be a large part of future – Might do some writings and other stuff in the future – Vitalik: “There’s a part of me that just wants to troll the market and repeat that stunt again [faking death lol]” Family – Vitalik’s dad is like a crypto influencer – Mom getting involved in crypto, optimistic rollup Proof-of-Stake – When did PoS become obvious as the path forward? – Vitalik: “2014” holy chad – Eventually had a proper understanding of the tradeoffs and got convinced it was the way forward – ZEC and DOGE also switching to PoS NFTs – Why are they so good at onboarding and what’s the future? – There are huge desires for inclusion and collectibles – Vitalik: “Even like 10 years ago was more valuable than a private jet” – Virtual property is a thing – NFTs could be the big first use cases for crypto besides currencies and DeFi – Its an easy way for artists to get money – Vitalik: “Sometimes there is certain value in trading of things being hard” *Vitalik cuts out* ”He needs to pay more gas!” Research – Most research prob already done – zk is really amazing technology but needs to be improved til we can use it – MEV could use some more research Wallet Improvements – Wallet security and multisig – Most wallets just have 1 password, can be dangerous – Alternatives: – Multisig – 3 keys, need at least 2 to transfer funds – Social recovery – on Vitalik’s cold wallet there are 6 individuals who have power, 4 out of 6 needed to move funds Most likely to be Satoshi? – Craig Wright, Charles Hoskinson, Elon Musk, Loomdart – Vitalik: Blueberry – Cobie: “If you had to choose someone who’s your best guess?” – Vitalik: “If I had to choose someone I’d guess Hal Finney… between 1-20% chance it’s Hal Finney” Vitalik Memes – Vitalik has replied to deranged vitalik memers hahaha – Vitalik: “FTX – does that stand for FiTalik Exchange?” Multi-chain but not Cross-Chain – There are too many risks with bridging – Can just create same assets and use on 1 chain – In single chain, you can always revert chain and everyone gets assets back to at least initial state – With multi-chain, if stuff breaks, the problem is way larger (double spending etc) Ethereum Roadmap – Goal is still to have $0.05 per transaction – Hard to scale without sacrificing on security or centralization – With Rollups and sharding Ethereum can scale immensely – Within a couple of years Ethereum fees will be back under 5 cents Future of Ethereum – Progress on zk EVM is going very well – Most nodes won’t store full chain – There will be a few who do *wifi cut out 5 min miss* Privacy – Blockchain isn’t “true privacy” just pseudonymous – Regulators ok with that – Once its on ETH… where do we go? – Vitalik: “People are really underestimating the risks/ downsides of no privacy” – Ledger: “I want to know the craziest thing Vitalik ever bought with crypto” – Vitalik: “Metformin probably” – Anti-aging drug Anti-aging – Ledger: “How long do you think someone born today will live?” – Vitalik: “I think more than a 50% chance someone will see the year 3,000” – SIR! – How does equality come into play? Just the rich live forever? – Vitalik: “I think it will shortly evenly distribute” – Not just billionaires get to live forever – Anti-aging stuff should be part of the plan for countries that have universal health care – Vitalik: “COVID vaccines should have been offered as a choice for those who wanted it in summer 2020” – More towards very conservative for mandates, very liberal for choice – Vitalik: “If people start to live to be 500 years old psych will be bad – this is a fair critique” – Not all tech solves all problems World Stuff – It will take a long time before we actually populate Mars – Think about Antartica…we aren’t there yet and its way easier Non-crypto Area of Investment – Biotech – Really thinks there will be a long arc of progress over next 70 years – Same way computers had a long arc of progress over last 70 years FINAL ALPHA – Vitalik: “Come out of every day a better person than when you went into that day” – Vitalik: “Whether its math or cryptography or working out, whatever it is do something” – It puts you in a frame of mind of progress which is really good for mental health Notes by Kevin and Luke Music by GiovanniPickle

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