United In Sisterhood - Detrel's Mission To Empower Female Veterans

14 Nov 2023 • 68 min • EN
68 min
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Welcome back for another gripping episode of the Female Veterans Podcast. Today, we have a rockstar guest joining us - Detrel, an army veteran and founder of the impactful organization, United in Sisterhood. We're going to dive deep into the joys, challenges, and even fears associated with her military service, discussing everything from boot camp down to the battlefields of Desert Storm. And so much more! Detrel shares the inspiring story of her fight for compensation as a disabled vet, and we'll get real about the struggles faced in finding suitable therapy within the VA healthcare system. Both of us have quite the tales to tell, so buckle up, grab that cup of coffee, and let's get chatting. Oh, and before we dive in, Detrel and I want to send this reminder to all our vets out there - you are seen, you are valid, and we stand by you. Whether you've seen combat or served during peacetime, we're all part of the same brave family. Now, enjoy the show! About Detrel Detrel was born into a family with a deep affinity for aviation as her father, a maker of model planes, always aspired to be in the Air Force. Tragically, her father was robbed of life when she was a mere nine years old. This ignited her own drive to serve in the military, particularly the army, pulling her to the great outdoors which she loved so much. Despite her mother's wishes for her to pursue collegiate education, Detrel found her compromise and joined the army reserves. Through this venture, she paid homage to her departed father, fulfilling the dreams of military service that he was unable to, and forging her own path simultaneously. Learn More: www.unitedinsisterhood.org Key Points Topic 1: Introduction and Background - Introduction of Host, Kia, and guest, Detrel - Detrel's motivations for joining the military - Boot camp experiences of both Kia and Detrel Topic 2: Military Training and Deployment - Detrel's experiences in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm - Differences in Kia and Detrel's active duty experiences - Training for gas attacks and anthrax - The struggles and trauma associated with military service Topic 3: Combat Experiences and PTSD - The ongoing impact of military service on Detrel's mental health - The significance of combat and non-combat veteran experiences - The struggles associated with PTSD and the triggers that worsen it - Therapy experiences and the importance of finding a fitting therapist Topic 4: Transition Out of The Military and Struggle for Compensation - Detrel's frustration and struggle to receive disability compensation - Differences in support for veterans from companies, airlines, and employers - Frustrations and problems within the VA healthcare system Topic 5: Contribution to Veteran Community - Detrel's work with veterans having criminal histories - Founding of United in Sisterhood by Detrel and its growth - Importance and challenges of creating a support system for female veterans Topic 6: The Future of Female Veterans Podcast - Kia's plan to expand The Female Veterans Podcast - Potential introduction of video interviews and expansion to a YouTube Channel Topic 7: Encouragement for Other Veterans - Urging veterans to self-advocate and file claims for service-connected disabilities - Encouragement for female veterans to seek out organizations for support and connection. Please share the episodes stay tuned for the newsletter. join by submitting your email at www.thefemaleveteranspodcast.com Don't forget to subscribe to to the YouTube Channel. Search: The Female Veterans Podcast

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