Laura Shin & Justin Drake + Uri Klarman , Unchained

Why MEV Will Always Be Controversial

18 Apr 2023 • 69 min • EN
69 min
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Maximal extractable value, or MEV, is a mainstay of the Ethereum landscape. But the process of validators reaping profits from handling new blocks is not without controversy. Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake and bloXroute Labs CEO Uri Klarman assess the current state of MEV. Hear them disagree about the path forward for making Ethereum fairer for all its economic actors. Show highlights: what MEV is and how it has evolved over time the nuances of the newly proposed MEV Blocker and why it’s important for users whether it’s possible to enable “back-running” while preventing front-running how to give power back to blockchain users what the differences and similarities are among several projects trying to solve MEV how “MEV Burn” will be like the EIP-1559 to what Justin calls contention whether EigenLayer can help solve MEV problems whether wallets and DEXs could be doing something different to prevent MEV and generate more revenue how “exclusive order flow” could be detrimental to DeFi users what proposer-builder separation (PBS) is and whether it will change MEV distribution why Uri doesn’t think PBS is the right step forward for Ethereum Thank you to our sponsors! Halborn Guests: Justin Drake, researcher at the Ethereum Foundation Uri Klarman, CEO of bloXroute Labs Links Previous coverage of Unchained on MEV: Why Is Ethereum Trying to Maximize Value From Users? Two Sides Debate The Chopping Block: Why the Once-Taboo MEV Is Now a Core Part of Ethereum MEV Blocker CoinDesk: MEV Blocker Wants to Help You Outrun the Front-Runners MEV Blocker Unchained: Ethereum Builders Join Forces to Launch MEV Blocker MEV Distribution CoinDesk: Flashbots Proposes New Class of 'Matchmakers' to Share MEV Gains With Ethereum Users MEV-Share: programmably private orderflow to share MEV with users - The Flashbots Ship BackRunMe Wallet-Boost Design Doc · blocknative discourse · Discussion #1 · GitHub OpenMEV Mechanics and Formulas - Manifold Finance MEV Smoothing Committee-driven MEV smoothing - Economics MEV Burn Burning MEV through block proposer auctions - Economics Proposer-Builder separation Proposer-builder separation | Vitalik Buterin’s tweet Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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