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Transforming Futures: AI, Robotics, and Beyond with Donna Loughlin Michaels

10 Sep 2023 • 42 min • EN
42 min
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Today, I am rejoined by Donna Loughlin Michaels, an award-winning PR influencer, strategic communicator, and recognized innovator in many tech spaces. She brings unparalleled insights into the transformational power of technology, especially regarding AI, agritech, EVs, and robotics.  The episode kicks off with an exploration into the role of AI in automating labor-intensive tasks in agriculture, a subject that has become incredibly pertinent due to the pandemic-induced labor shortages. Donna brings an illuminating perspective on how autonomous tractors and AI interfaces are revolutionizing not only agriculture but other industries like automotive. Safety, predictability, and responsibility are crucial parameters for technological integration, a topic we discuss with gravitas. Donna highlights the need to build systems that prioritize these aspects without stifling innovation, essentially striking a balance that supports public good and corporate interests. One of the most enlightening segments is when the conversation steers towards the role of AI platforms like ChatGPT in corporate communications and content creation. Donna insists on the importance of integrity and responsibility while leveraging such platforms, underscoring that ethical considerations should accompany technological power.

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