Three Economic Issues that Could Shape the 2024 Elections

09 Jan 2024 • 34 min • EN
34 min
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National elections are won and lost on the economy. Of course they are: the state of the economy affects individuals' job security, income levels, access to healthcare, education, and overall quality of life, so it's not surprising that voters evaluate candidates based on their proposed economic policies and their ability to address pressing economic challenges. As we kick off a big year for elections and the economy, we take time in this episode to discuss the three most important economic issues that could shape the 2024 elections, especially at the presidential level. These are big challenges our country currently faces, and big challenges ought to be met with big transformative ideas that will improve people’s lives and grow the economy from the middle out.  Subscribe to Civic Ventures President Zach Silk’s Substack, The Pitch: Dig into the biggest economic stories by visiting the Civic Ventures YouTube channel Who Gets What and Why: Website: Twitter: @PitchforkEcon Instagram: @pitchforkeconomics Nick’s twitter: @NickHanauer

From "Pitchfork Economics with Nick Hanauer"

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