Carly Zakin + Danielle Weisberg , Behind Her Empire

theSkimm Founders on Launching a Business With No Plan B, Being Bold & Taking Risks, and Building a Viral Brand Through Word of Mouth with Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin

12 Feb 2024 • 51 min • EN
51 min
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Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin co-founded theSkimm in 2012, a digital media company dedicated to giving women the information they need to navigate life’s most important decisions. Since hitting send on the first Daily Skimm email over a decade ago, they have cultivated a trusted community that reaches more than 12 million women. As their audience has matured, so has theSkimm, evolving beyond a singular newsletter into an award-winning ecosystem that includes dedicated newsletters in money, wellness, parenting, and shopping, a career podcast, an in-house creative agency, and a commerce arm that performs at 3x the industry standard. Danielle and Carly both grew up with a love for journalism and storytelling. The two met after a summer spent studying abroad in Rome and reconnected after graduation while working in New York City, where they eventually became roommates trying to make it in the media industry. Both news junkies at heart, they quickly realized there was an opportunity to change the way media was consumed and created an outlet that provided its audience with bite-sized and easily digestible news. With $4,000 between the both of them, they decided to quit their jobs and launch theSkimm.  In this week’s episode, Danielle and Carly share their love for storytelling, what it means to start their digital media company from their couch, and why they thought it was a bigger risk to not pursue theSkimm than it was to pursue it. They share what it’s like to work with a co-founder and the benefits of having one, ways they applied grassroots marketing in the early days of the business when they had zero funds, and how they thought about growth & monetization. We also get the inside scoop on how they fostered an intensely engaged community through their Skimmbassador program, how they balance their relationship as friends and Co-CEOs, and what goes into producing great content. Danielle and Carly also open up about their biggest mistakes during their journey, how they dealt with rejection when fundraising early on, and so much more.  * In this episode, we’ll talk to Danielle and Carly about: * Their lives as journalists prior to theSkimm. [02:53] * Transitioning to full-time focus on theSkimm. [11:15] * No Plan B: Driving force for productivity. [17:33] * Growth propelled by theSkimm ambassador program. [22:01] * Finding the right investors amid rejections. [27:06] * Momentum building and monetization strategies. [29:56] * Fostering their relationship as co-founders. [33:37] * Tips for first time entrepreneurs. [38:35] * Prioritizing self-care basics. [41:39] * Who shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. [48:55] This episode is brought to you by beeya:  * Learn more about beeya's seed cycling bundle at to find out how to tackle hormonal imbalances.  * Get $10 off your order by using promo code BEHINDHEREMPIRE10 Follow Yasmin:  * Instagram: * Stay updated & subscribe to our newsletter: Follow Danielle and Carly:  * Website: * Instagram: * Instagram: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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