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Kevin Mitchell on The Genetics of Personality

10 May 2022 • 57 min • EN
57 min
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Kevin Mitchell is an author and an Associate Professor of Genetics and Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin. His research is aimed at understanding the genetic program specifying the wiring of the brain and its relevance to variation in human faculties. Kevin is also the author of the science blog, Wiring the Brain, and a number of books and publications. In this episode, Eric and Kevin discuss his book, Innate: How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are. But wait – there’s more! The episode is not quite over!! We continue the conversation and you can access this exclusive content right in your podcast player feed. Head over to our Patreon page and pledge to donate just $10 a month. It’s that simple and we’ll give you good stuff as a thank you! Kevin Mitchell and I Discuss the Genetics of Personality and…His book, Innate: How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We AreThe missing third component in the Nature vs. Nurture debateInnate Underlying Traits in the Brain: Extroversion, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness to ExperienceThe relationship between genetics and neurobiologyWhat “neurons that fire together, wire together” actually meansThe difference between Personality Traits and Character TraitsThe impact of parenting on underlying Personality TraitsHow people differ in the amount of “free will” that they haveThe connection between genetics and addictionThat we become ourselves throughout lifetime Kevin Mitchell links: Kevin’s Website Twitter When you purchase products and/or services from the sponsors of this episode, you help support The One You Feed. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you! If you enjoyed this conversation with Kevin Mitchell, you might also enjoy these other episodes: Integration of Science and Wisdom with Jeremy Lent Neuropsychology and the Thinking Mind with Chris Niebauer See for privacy information.

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