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#310 Red Meat Is King w/ Diana Rodgers

05 Jul 2023 • 71 min • EN
71 min
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It’s about time y'all, Diana Rodgers is finally gracing us with her knowledge and expertise. She is the co-author of "Sacred Cow" with my buddy, Robb Wolf. Her website, Sustainable Dish, is also chock full of amazing resources for her favorite sustainable products from personal hygiene to Dry Farm Wines.  In this convo we get into many of the misconceptions around red meat and nutritional value of that, even at its worst, being far superior to any other protein source. She pulls no punches in discussing where so many people have gone awry in her eyes. We dip the toes into the vegan discussion as a whole, specifically during pregnancy. At the very least please eat eggs during pregnancy. Diana strongly recommends you dip your toe back into the meat eating realm. We talked about children’s nutrition and I didn’t even know that Italy actually tried to outlaw feeding your child a vegan diet. What’s next for Diana? She’s all over the world, talking to governments, and other entities about the actual carbon footprint of livestock. Not to mention the nutrient deficit that “green” legislature is costing humans by pushing Vegan initiatives.  Go support the cause and learn a ton from Diana at her course, Sustainavore.    ORGANIFI GIVEAWAY Keep those reviews coming in! Please drop a dope review and include your IG/Twitter handle and we’ll get together for some Organifi even faster moving forward.   Connect with Diana: Website: -  Instagram: @sustainabledish - @globalfoodjustice  Podcast: Sustainable Dish  Film/Book: Sacred Cow    Sponsors: Manna Vitality To get the absolute number one mineral replenishment in my arsenal head over to and punch in “KKP” at checkout for 12% off! Organifi Go to to get my favorite way to easily get the most potent blend of high vibration fruits, veggies and other goodies into your diet! Click that link and use code “KKP” at checkout for 20% off your order! Cured Nutrition has a wide variety of stellar, naturally sourced, products. They’re chock full of adaptogens and cannabinoids to optimize your meatsuit. You can get 20% off by heading over to  using code “KKP” Mark Bell’s Mind Bullet This Kratom Extract supplement supports your cognition like no other and that’s not just because Mark’s a homie. Get some over at and use “KKP” at checkout for 20% off! To Work With Kyle Kingsbury Podcast   Connect with Kyle: Fit For Service Academy App: Fit For Service App  Instagram: @livingwiththekingsburys -  Odysee:  Youtube: Kyle Kingbury Podcast  Kyles website: - Gardeners of Eden site    Like and subscribe to the podcast anywhere you can find podcasts. Leave a 5-star review and let me know what resonates or doesn’t.

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