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Curious about Cryptocurrency? Hit Play Now!

14 Nov 2022 • 43 min • EN
43 min
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Bitcoin had a bad week — like a really bad one. And if you’re out of the know or don’t understand that world, you’re not alone, we don’t really get it either. In fact, the timing of this release feels a little uncanny as headlines are hitting on the topic (and we still don’t understand it all!) We recorded this episode with Brit a few months ago (to help prep for our producer’s maternity leave!) and so while the Bitcoin world is experiencing interruptions, the content inside of this show helps dissect what this world is and if it’s something you might want to explore. Cryptocurrency. What’s your first thought when you hear that word? Maybe you’re already an investor and you know the potential in this growing space. Maybe you have a healthy curiosity but reasonable skepticism about it. For a time, I definitely felt like the world of crypto and NFTs and Web3 was rife with gatekeepers wanting to keep women and non-binary people on the outside... But leave it to serial entrepreneur Brit Morin to bust down those gates and wave in a community of people to learn all about how to invest and benefit from an industry that will reach an estimated value of $10 trillion in the next five years. You might know Brit Morin from her lifestyle and education company Brit + Co, but in this conversation, we’re talking about her endeavors in the Web3 and cryptocurrency arena. She will demystify the terms and concepts you need to know to get started, why it’s not too late to dive into the space, how people are making money with crypto, and some advice as you get started or grow your portfolio in the world of Web3.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:   This episode is brought to you by Cozy Earth, luxury sheets to totally transform your sleep experience! Head to and use the code GOALDIGGER to save 35%!

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