Glenn Beck & Bill O'Reilly

'Facts First Then Credibility'? with Bill O'Reilly- 9/21/18

21 Sep 2018 • 110 min • ??
110 min
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Hour 1 Corey 'Spartacus' Booker is sewing the seeds of desperately wants to be President 2020?...'of course I would consider it'...Spartacus wept?...Booker admits to groping (date rape) classmate in high school, 1992...after Booker himself, issued a call for sexual respect...the pen is mightier than the spear?   Hour 2 Pompous leftist virtue signaling and the hell holes that they run...states like California, have some of the most ridiculous laws you've ever heard's a crime to ride a bicycle in swimming pool? ...Bill O'Reilly Friday: Kavanaugh vs. The Media =  Salem Witch Trials?...crazy, nutty, stuff? can't even question allegations anymore?...totalitarian run media...Stalin-ism is all over the left ...'Addicted To Outrage' is now available everywhere...Glenn Beck Dot Com    Hour 3 Another victory for tone deaf feminists?...'mansplaining' is on the decline?...Now Muslim women in India have been given the legal right to have a say in their own divorce? ...Should we only just believe the accuser?...needing more to go on...digging up all the women and Emmett Till?...him against her?...injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere? ...Kavanaugh's family is getting death threats, meanwhile the Democrats believe Keith Ellison and not his accuser?...there's always the a double-standard for the left   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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